Automated Python code reviews, directly from your workflow

Instantly identify and address issues in every commit and pull request, ensuring your code is up to standards before you merge. Integrates seamlessly with GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab Enterprise.

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28 supported languages, including

Automated code review for Scala
Automated code review for PHP.
Automated code review for Java.
Automated code review for js.
Automated code review for Python.
Automated code review for Ruby.

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High-security standards

Identify OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and prevent critical issues from affecting your product.

Code standardization

Make sure your code quality is standardized across all teams and projects by applying code patterns and getting notified on new issues.

Tailored to your needs

Save time by knowing which set standards are being broken and getting insights on how to tackle them.

Integrated in your workflow

Get notified where it matters to you. Speed up the process by receiving notifications as pull request comments or on Slack.

Thousands of companies - from startups to large enterprises - trust Codacy every day for automating their code quality.

Used by Paypal.
Used by Adobe.
Used by Schneider electric.
Used by O.C.Tanner.
Used by Arts Alliance Media.
Used by Blue Bottle Coffee.
Used by Delivery Hero.
Used by Toptal.
Used by Cancer Research UK.
Used by Deliveroo.